A CRAZY tuesday!

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I just need to write this story…its something pretty interesting in my opinion. Something that doesn’t happen every day. So i was out and about dropping flyers off for the girls i do activity days with when i passed a girl holding a handicapped girl in her late teens. All the sudden another handicapped girl came out of the apartment and started yelling something. Then she started running away so the “care taker” who was about my age, started running after her and the handicapped girl (Heather) started attacking her!! I couldn’t just keep walking right by like nothing was going on so i asked if i could help. She asked if i would call someone for her. So i went inside and paged this guy for her and when i came back out there were a couple neighbors (who belong to the same organization helping handicapped) and they were trying to pin down Heather. She was out of control and so i ran over and started to help pin her down.

She had one girl by the hair and would not let go and so i reached over to try and release her hand and she BIT my bicep! I thought she would never let go…but she finally did…and after kicking and punching wildly for awhile she calmed down and they took her in the house.

Well, since i wasn’t a staff member…just a random girl trying to help…they had to call the police and paramedics to check my arm (which was black and blue, literally). Then they “strongly encouraged” me to press charges so that Heather can learn there are consequinces for her actions. I did the police cuffed her and took her away because she had “assaulted 4 people!”

It was one crazy night and i have a pretty nice battle wound to show for it. I went to the urgent care this morning and got some medicine to prevent infection…so i should be ok…but this was one story worth sharing!


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