Golfing with the Boys!

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I went golfing today for the first time in — I really don’t know how long it has been, but probably four years or more– anyway it was great time. I went with Mike and Nick to of my childhood friends and got smoked by Nick, but thats okay. I think this was the first time I have ever been golfing without Cooper. Usually I have him there to give me all the advice I need to get through the course, but i suppose I made do today wihtout him. I decided while on the course today that golf is a game I really ought to pick up. It is so relaxing to be with your friends on a nice day and play a round of golf. I hope some day I have the means to be able to go on a semi-regular basis. My wife says that I should have taken pictures to post on here but I guess it really just isn’t my thing, so sorry to anyone who was hoping to see my goofy face swinging a club. Hope everyone who actually reads this page is having a good day.  God bless!


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