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So, we had a really good weekend! We planned to go camping in Gerogetown, ID where Ryan Robison’s parents own some land. We were all pretty excited to get away for the weekend…however, the weather wasn’t so great! It was cold and drizzly…so eventually Shaun and I headed out. We spent Sunday in Kaysville and Dad made a great pot roast!

Later that day we went for a drive and ended up in Benjamin, UT. We found their cemetary and went for a walk to look at all the veterans. Benjamin was a blessed town because of all the veterans that went to fight in all the wars since…gosh, i dont know when (the civil war was on there), only 4 were killed. It was really neat to see all these people who fought for our country. On TV all weekend there were war movies…so we watched “Saints and Soldiers” and a special about saints at war…I really felt like we were able to think of the veterans this weekend rather than just consider it a 3-day weekend.

We hiked the Y on Monday and we have some pictures which i’ll put up when I can get them on the computer! We also played golf and bocce ball at the pak with Cooper, Alisha, and little Jenelle, and then we went to Toole to visit Kyle, Rachel, Molly, and Matt…and all their little ones! That was fun too…I think altogether we had a pretty good and action packed weekend!

I hope yours was just as good!


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