My Wonderful Weekend

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Last Saturday I got to go golfing again with some of my friends. Coop and Nick, my old friends and golfing pro’s, and also with Daniel and Brent who were first time golfers. We all had a great time. I am still not a very good golfer, but Nick and Coop advised me to only remember the good shots. They said when people ask how golfing was I should only tell them about the “great chip I had on the 7th” or whatever — I think that is probably a good idea.

As soon as I finished golfing I drove up the canyon to Deer Creek and went fishing with my Pop and two youngest brothers. It was so much fun fishing with them — it has been a long time since I got to spend time with them like that. It’s funny watching my little brothers get older and developing personalities. Neither of them are finished growing by any means but I like who they are turning into. Anyway, I caught one decent little rainbow trout and a bass smaller than the palm of my hand (we let it go) so we had some success. We didn’t have a net to bring them in with so Daniel went tromping into the water after them once we got them on the line.

After a long day it was nice to go home and see my wife. She spent the whole day at a “24 Hour Fitness” instructors trainning doing aerobics. She had a long day and so we just relaxed Sat. night, but it was nice just to be with her — I probably should have titled this post “My Wonderful Wife” instead. She works so hard and does so much for me, it’s incredible. I am a very lucky man to have Janelle as my wife and best friend. If you are reading this post you are probably lucky to know her as a daughter, sister, cousin or friend.

Ok folks, I am done. God bless you all!


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