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My husband is just way too nice! I don’t think he knows how much i love and appriciate him! As i was away most of the weekend for that instructor training he kept cleaning the house so it looked marvelous every time i came back! He has been making me lunch..he went to the store at 7 in the morning just to get food for my lunch! he is the best! I love a clean house and a good lunch and i love Shaun even more!!

As i mentioned above, i went to an instructor training for 24 hour fitness this past weekend…and i go back next weekend! I was pooped by the end! We worked on step aerobics as well as cardio classes…i had to stand in front of everyone and instruct them on what move was next…while starting on the right count and remembering what comes next, and cueing on time, and being upbeat, and adding in motivational cues…let me tell you, it was crazy! I thought that since i have danced and done cheer and just moved to music a lot that the music would be the easiest part. Nope. It was a lot harder than it looks! oh well, i will just keep on practicing! I have wanted to be a fitness instructor for a long time now so i am not giving up! I want to help people feel good about themselves!

Well, i love you all and hope you are doing well! Take care!


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