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Ok, so we left to LA on Thurday the 13th of July and we finally arrived at Lars’ about 10 hours later. He wined and dined us ordering some of the best pizza Valencia has to offer and then we ate desserts galore! Cheesecake Factory White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle…mmm…and Ben and Jerry’s…he spoiled us! We got to hang out with little Lars and Ross and found out that Ross had a girlfriend and hid it from his dad for a month or so…it was pretty funny…So after staying the night there we headed out through LA traffic (i am sure i have an ulcer from that) and got to the Port. Our ship was HUGE…or at least bigger than any one i have EVER been on! We got all checked on and then we were welcomed like royalty onto the ship. So we basically just went exploring and looked at the basketball court, pools, restaraunts, shops, etc. and then we grabbed our books and headed toward the top deck to relax and read…it was just a really relaxing trip.
We ate some lunch at the “Windjammer Cafe” and the boat took off. Later that night we ate dinner and we were assigned to a table with 2 other couples. Chris and Rachel and then 2 others ( i dont remember their names…or maybe i never knew?!) We ate with Chris and Rachel each night and then hung out with them a couple nights too. They were totally cool and they had just been married the week before. They have a little 2-year-old who we saw pictures of and she is just soooo cute!

We went to a few shows. One night it was a musical/dance performans and the next it was a comedy act. They were pretty good.

On saturday we were in Ensenada. We got off the ship and rode a shuttle into town and then just walked around all of the shops. It is so sad because there is so much poverty and the city is just so dirty! All the little kids follow you trying to get you to buy necklaces and gum…we felt really bad! there wasn’t a whole lot to do that didnt cost quite a bit so we only spent a little time there and then went back to the boat and layed around, went swimming, and read…and ate!

So pretty much i could say that we slept, read, and ate and that might sum up most of our trip :)

Well, i hope you are all having a great week…next week i go to girls camp! Hopefully i can get everything ready and together before tuesday!!



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