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Yay! Today is Shaun’s 25th birthday! He is a quarter of a century old! Crazy! We are having a bunch of family and friends over…so hopefully it is fun! We haven’t written on here for awhile! Last weekend Shaun and I hiked to the top of Mount Timpanogos. There were TONS of people on top! There were old people, young people…just all different types of people…which was pretty crazy. We went with Rob (who is now in the MTC going to Argentina) and his dad Steve Rowan. They are in our old ward. It was a nice hike…and the further we get from when we first hiked it, the more I think I might just do it again…someday! I’ll post pictures up soon!

My little sister, Kelsey, just moved out here and so that has been fun to have some of my family out here! Dad stayed with us last week and we were excited to have our own personal chef. It was nice having dinner ready when we got home each night :) thanks Pops!

Shaun and I have started school. It has been fun. I really like all of my classes and Shaun has some pretty good professors this semester. I just ran my timed mile and a half today in “fitness for Life.” I did it in 12:30…so next time we do it, I am going to try and beat that! I think I can do it…hopefully!

We went to the BYU game last Saturday…and it started out hot…then got cloudy…then started POURING and there was lots of lightning! But BYU WON!! That’s awesome! I think I like football a little bit more these days, even though I am sure Shaun thinks I hate it by now! Saturday, I think we watched at least parts of 4 games…I started dreaming about it that night!

Anyway, this is getting long, but we love you all and hope you are doing well! TAKE CARE!!


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