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Sorry i havent posted the most recent pictures! Our camera batteries died and i keep forgetting to but new ones…so i can get anything onto the computer without being able to turn it on! So, sorry about that! Well, it is freezing and rainy out here. I am not ready for winter but i guess i dont really have a say in all of this so i better be optimistic about it! Wow, we are coming up on a year of being married! About this time last year i was preparing to go through the temple and we were planning a wedding! It doesnt seem like it was a year ago! Some days it seems longer than a year and some days it seems like yesterday. Its weird. I dont know what we are doing for the big 1 year anniversary…probably nothing too crazy. I won a $50 Visa gift card on Blingo.com (a search engine) so i was pretty excited abou that…and i think we will use it for a nice date!

Over the past weekend, we went up to Salt lake to visit Rachel Robichauxand little William. We all went out to PF Changs and it was REALLY good. I wish my stir fry and attempt at Asian food was that good! On saturday, Shaun watched a couple football games while i just did random things (library, store, quizzes, etc.) Then we went to hang out with Rebecca and Derek. Shaun works with Derek and I started running with Rebecca in the mornings. It was a lot of fun over there. Yay! we have a new couple-friend! Sunday we went up to kaysville and ate some WONDERFUL Swedish pancakes with the Edwards Fam, Cousin Brooke and Kelsey came too. It was really nice! its always great to be with family!

OK, now that i have bored you to death with our EXTREMELY exciting lives…I hope you are all doing well and MOM, i hope you are still planning to come out the weekend of the 7th. Dont get our hopes up ;). I LOVE YOU ALL AND TAKE CARE!!

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