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Hi there, i am at work right now. There isn’t anything that is really new, i just thought i would write something! I am going back to California for a little weekend get-away, i am pretty excited. I get to go and work an event at Tricks and see all the cute little kids i used to work with so that will be SO fun! It’s like 80 degrees back there, so i dont think i’ll mind that! I dont know what Shaun will do but i think he can entertain himself for the weekend!

Wow, i am trying to think of anything new and there really isn’t anything!! We are so exciting! I found out that i am ranked #1 in my Fitness for life class…i guess i can brag about that (except for the fact that it is a pretty easy class so that isn’t a HUGE deal…but it sounds nice!) Shaun Has been doing great on all of his trests and mid-terms so far (that i know of) He was just made a board member for the Statue of Responsibility Foundation (http://www.sorfoundation.org/) which he is so excited about. You should check out the website and see what they are all about, it is really neat…perhaps something that could go down in the history books, which is something Shaun has always wanted to do! Dr. Viktor Frankl wrote about having a statue that was on the west coast to kind of be book ends to the nation with the Statue of liberty. So one for liberty on one side and one for Social Responsibility on the other…so they have a few different places on the west coast that they are looking into to build it…I believe he is on the board with some pretty prominent people. I think Stephen Covey is on the board as well…so anyway, that is one huge thing that Shaun is really excited about! Well, speaking of Shaun, i need to go pick him up and then take and Anatomy test, wish me luck! I love you all!!

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