Statue of Responsibility

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Just so ya’ll know, I am not sitting on a board with the cheif officers of the foundation, but I am on a PR committee with a friend of mine. We are, however, doing work with the CEO of the foundation as we try tom promote some fund raising events. The foundation is a really amazing thing, and promotes a very powerful idea– social responsibility to ensure liberty.

For those who aren’t familiar with Dr. Viktor Frankl, he was an Austrian psychiatrist, who spent three years in Nazi concentration camps because he was Jewish. He wrote a book about his experiences, and how he found meaning in his sufferings. He later proposed the idea for the Statue of Responsibility. I found his book, Man’s Search for Meaning when I was in high school–it was sitting on my parents bookshelf– and reading changed me life. Since then I have read it on a yearly basis.

I am very excited to be working for something that I believe in very strongly and be gaining great work experience in the communications field at the same time. Anyway, if anyone has any questions, shoot them my way. Hope all is well with all who read this. God bless you.


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