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This past weekend has been somewhat of a crazy one…i thought! Our Friday night consisted of going to Target. We are SO much fun :) Then Saturday Shaun was able to work with the head of Media relations for the BYU football team and with the other interns in that office. He got to go up into the press box and even down on the field. He had a lot of fun…and I was especially jealous because Tucanos caters the games up there…so he had all of the food he could eat…and it’s really good food!!  Anyway, while he was there I went with Cat to this health and wellness center. We were de-toxified! It was super weird and pretty gross…but really cool too! We sat on this bench and put our feet in a tub of water. Then the guy put this “ionizer” in the water and some salt too so that it would make the charge in the water one thing and pull out all of the oppositely charged ions in our bodies through our feet. By the end our tubs were a dark orange brown color with lots of filmy, foamy nasties on top! It was seriously so gross looking!! But nice to know that all of that wasn’t in our bodies anymore!

That night we went with Nick and Lexie to a Blessed Union of Souls concert. Nick had free tickets, so that was fun.

That night i also found out my mom went into the hospital! She was having pains in her heart and in her jaw and she just didn’t want to chance anything…which i am glad for! She thought it would be just as before when she would go in. They would keep her over night and then let her go in the morning. Well, they decided that they wanted to look inside her heart to see how everything looked. Yikes! She had this done the last time she had a heart attack and i think she could feel the camera going all the way up from her groin into her heart (I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to feel it!) So we were all worried about her. On Sunday, as we fasted for Amy on her mission, we also fasted for my mom. She went in for the angiogram Sunday afternoon and shortly after, my dad called and said the Doctor came out and told him that her arteries were perfect! No more shredding, weak arteries…they are all healed! Heavenly Father blesses us so much! I am so grateful for his love and willingness to bless his children! And as he blessed my mother, I know he will also bless Amy!

One more thing…I went to the Doctor today and he said we are good to go to start trying to have a baby again, so we will keep you updated! Hopefully by Christmas or sometime in January…but we will just see how things go! I love you all and can’t wait for Thanksgiving!!

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