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I am sitting at work and my eyes are getting so heavy! I just want to lay down and take a nap! It’s sad but getting up at 8 has been hard! Over the break i totally slept until 10 or even 11 a few times! Wow, i can really sleep these days! I have my first doctors appointment on Friday…Jami called and gave me a heads up of some things she didn’t realize they would do her first appointment…so i am going in with open eyes!

Sorry we haven’t had many new pictures! I got a new camera for Christmas and haven’t really been able to get out and do anything so hopefully we will get some new ones in the webshots gallery! I will let you know!

Well, sorry i have nothing exciting to say today but i figure its just nice to read something new!! I love you all and hope you are having a great Wednesday!  Take care!

And hi Aunt Sharon!! Mom told me that you come on and look at our website! That makes me so happy, I missed seeing the Strazzo’s at Christmas so hopefully i will be able to see you soon!


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