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Thank you to everyone who called, sent cards, or just thought about me yesterday! My phone was dead all day at work so sorry I couldn’t answer…but I’ll be calling you all back! Shaun and I had fun last night…we went to Macaroni Grill (thank you Kerstin for the gift card J) and we had some really GOOD bread and dinner…except I got this salad and it was really good but this morning when I went to dig in for seconds, there was this big piece of plastic in it! Maybe part of a plastic bag or the wrapping for parmesan cheese, I don’t know…but that was pretty gross…the salad still tasted good though! Then Shaun bought us tickets to a dance concert. It was BYU’s modern dance team and it was really cool! Even Shaun liked it (so he says…) It was very entertaining and made me want to get up there and dance! Over-all it was a pretty good day…now I am 23!  

Here is an update on baby/pregnancy…I can definitely feel my uterus stretching and getting bigger…it’s a little bit uncomfortable but I figure pregnancy is just an period in my life that will be full of uncomfortable moments! We are kind of feeling like it is a girl…but we don’t want to make any assumptions and have it be completely different…so we’ll see if we are right! Hopefully we will find out what we are having at our March appointment! Then we can start shopping J  We still keep changing our minds about names so we don’t really have anything solid yet.

Well, thank you again to everyone for your calls and thoughts on my birthday! You are wonderful! Take care!

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