Baby is Alive!

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So…this morning Shaun and I went to the doctor’s office and heard the heart beat of our little baby!! YAY! It was so fast…Shaun said it sounded like a dog barking J well, now we know the little guy…or girl…is alive! That’s great news! I have gained 6 pounds since my last visit, but now I weigh as much as I did before I got pregnant so I guess I can still pack on the ponds…haha, just kidding, hopefully I will only gain the 25-35 pounds you are supposed to gain. We’ll see! I didn’t realize that the baby was so low, it was just above my pubic bone, I kept imagining it swimming all up to my belly button…I am sure many of the things I thought pregnancy was will be proven totally wrong in the next 6 months! We get to find out what the baby is (boy/girl) either in the middle of March or the first week of April. 20 weeks falls between Dr’s appointments so I don’t know if they will just schedule a sonogram in the middle of the month or wait for the next appointment… oh well, I guess we will find out soon enough!

One thing that isn’t really exciting but I’ll mention it anyway…I applied to get my Associates Degree from UVSC and I had everything I needed so now I can put that on my resume! I get my diploma in a few weeks. Yay! Now, wherever I go I can have that and not need to do any general education classes, just start on my major…if I don’t finish my bachelors at UVSC which it is starting to look like I won’t! I don’t know where we will be after December…hopefully Shaun will find a job somewhere! He is great and treating me wonderfully…especially when I am pregnant. He lets me get my Veggie Delights from Subway whenever I want one J

Well, I hope you are all doing well! I am excited to come and visit Sacramento and to see everyone! I just hope there are no more stomach flu germs…I have become paranoid about getting sick!! Especially since I already feel sick most of the time anyway!

Ok, well…I hope you all have a great day! I love you all and take care!!

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