Back in Business!

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Sorry about the technical difficulties the website was having for awhile! We are officially back up and running (as you were probably able to tell!) Well, what is going on in our lives? Shaun is finishing his finals this week and he is hoping to come out with a 4.0 so we’ll see how it all actually turns out! We are traveling to Sacramento on Thursday morning to visit between semesters,  that should be fun! Tyler is going through the temple when we are there and we are SO excited to be able to be there with him for that and to also go through the new Sacramento temple! We are so excited that he is serving a mission (Mexico City) and that he has prepared so well…hopefully he continues to learn and grow out on the mission too! And he better not get on myspace or call home because Shaun has vowed to fly down to Mexico City himself and give him a good swift kick in the pants :) Anyway, we are excited about him going to serve the Lord and the people of Mexico!! Too bad he leaves about 2 weeks before the baby comes (unless this little guy comes early) so he wont see “little Shaun” until he is about 2! Thats ok, we’ll keep pictures around and tell him all about his uncle!

I am now at 25 weeks and the belly seems to be growing by the MINUTE! Now people at work are asking when I am due because I am pretty much to the point where people can tell without fearing that I am just gaining weight! He is a pretty active guy and is continually kickin’ up his feet and resting them on my ribs, or just jabbing me there…which feels wonderful…but Shaun’s mom said he used to do that same thing when he was in there…always wedging his little feet in the same spot. It’s nice to feel him move so i know he is always alive :)

Well, I hope you all had a great Earth day (yesterday) too bad it was on a Sunday…I should plant something today…if I only had a place to plant it! Oh well! You all have a great day and take care! We love you all!

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