Third Trimester…the home stretch!

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I am about to step into the 3rd Trimester! Wow, the second trimester seemed to go by so much faster than the first! And hopefully the third will go by fast too and we can meet our baby! My good friend Brooke just had her little girl yesterday! I went to the hospital and held her. she was so little with a bow glued onto her head (probably so the nurses know who’s a boy and who’s a girl…they all look the same!) She delivered at Orem Community Hospital, which is the hospital that I will be delivering at now. The room was SO nice! It was like a home…very spacious, wood floors, modern wall paper…a couch/bed for the new dad, a big bathroom with a tub…it was really nice! She labored, delivered, and is recovering in that same room so that is nice too. I also went to my appointment at the Midwife Clinic there at the hospital for the first time. They were all so much nicer and more concerned than the doctor’s office I was at before! The lady sat down with me and asked questions and she was pregnant as well so she totally understood the aches, pains, and discomforts that often go along with pregnancy so it was a pretty good visit. Definitely not as crowded and rushed as the OBGYN.  At my next appointment I get to do the glucose test which sounds like a lot of fun…ok not really, but hopefully that goes well and I have no signs of gestational diabetes.

Well, not much else is new and exciting with us…Shaun just finished up a semester and also started another this week. He is working at a track meet that BYU is hosting this weekend so he’ll be working from 7-7 today and tomorrow! Two LONG days! Poor guy! Hopefully we can find something fun to do Saturday night so he actually feels like he has had a weekend.

There are a few pictures from Sacramento in our Webshots gallery…just a few from when Tyler went through the temple, we are all outside the Sacramento Temple. It’s beautiful…but you can’t really tell because it is dark! Oh well! We love you all and hope life is treating you wonderfully! Take care!


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