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HI! It has been awhile since I updated everyone on what we are up to. I am almost to 32 weeks so just a few more weeks until he is allowed to come! It would be nice if he came during the end of July…just not the 25th when Tyler is going into the MTC! That might be a little stressful. I guess it will just be nice if he comes on time…not 2 weeks late! But we’ll see what happens, it is usually pretty unpredictable! I just finished washing and folding all of his little clothes that we have here, they are so cute because they are so tiny! My tummy is always jolting around, it looks like there is an alien trying to get out of there sometimes, its kind of funny. I’m glad he is moving, even when it gets uncomfortable!

Shaun is working on finishing up the spring term. He has one final this weekend and one in a couple weeks so let’s pray that he does well! We are still trying to figure out where life is taking us, but we will just take it one step at a time.

It has been rainy and cold out here yesterday and today and the snow is back on the mountain tops. This Utah weather is always so crazy! Summer is only a few weeks away yet it is still snowing. so weird! But it has been nice that it isn’t hot because being pregnant and being hot is really uncomfortable i have found…and I have 2 more months of that! So it has actually been nice that it is colder lately.

We went on a tour of our hospital, Orem Community. Everyone there was so nice and the rooms are just great…the newer ones are definitely a lot more spacious than the older ones, but all are pretty nice! It was also a lot more laid back and welcoming than Utah Valley, so I feel good that we switched to midwives and that we are delivering there. I think it is neat that Shaun was born in that hospital and now his son will be born there too!

Anyway, I better get back to work. Love you all!!


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