Growing fast!

3:58 pm by Janelle. Filed under: News

Wow! the weeks are just flying…I probably always say that! Oh well! We are almost at 34 weeks and this kid is growing! My belly grew from 31 cm (from top to bottom) 2 weeks ago to 35 cm at our appointment on Tuesday! Thats a pretty big jump! Hopefully he doesn’t get TOO big in there…I’ll push out a 10 pounder but I don’t know how much fun that’ll be! Everything looked good at our last appointment, he is still head down, not sure if he is still posterior or not. My body hasn’t started swelling up yet, but I am sure it will as it is getting into the mid-upper 90’s! It would be nice to not have the swelling but I am wondering if I will actually be able to escape that fun part of pregnancy especially as I get closer and BIGGER.

We were able to clear out the baby’s room last weekend and put a lot of our junk into a storage unit so that was really NICE! I feel so much cleaner with that room cleaned out because it was starting to fill up!  Now you can see all of the massive Nemo characters on the walls :) Hopefully he isn’t scared of fish later in life because of the huge sea creatures staring down at him! I’m sure he’ll be fine!

Anyway, it is my time to leave work and go home! HOORAY! So i love you all and hope life is treating you well! We are doing great! Have a wonderful Thursday! and HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!