In Our Room

7:21 am by shaun. Filed under: News

They just moved Preston into our room this morning for the first time. He is off all of his monitors and doing great. We are getting booted out of the hospital in about two hours, but we get to take Preston with us when we go. We are both thrilled about that. I don’t know how I would feel about driving here to see him all the time. I would, however, feel great about having him hooked to monitors with nurses watching him for the next, I don’t know… 2 years of his life! They do such a great job here, and Janelle and I are rookies at this parenting thing. I’m 100% at this point we will be the parents that call the doctor too much always thinking that he is sick. Anyway, just wanted to keep y’all updated on Preston. Have a great day.


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