It’s been awhile…

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100_0556.movSorry it has been so long since updating you all! Preston is starting to turn into a little boy…ok, so he isn’t quite that old, but he is starting to learn how to do a lot of different things! He rolled over a couple times, but he hasn’t since the first day he did it so I am wondering if maybe i propped him up a certain way and he just tipped over, I like to think he rolled, but oh well. He just started to find his toys and grab for them. It takes several tries to actually get them and hold on but he is getting there. It is so fun seeing him start to do new ‘tricks.’He has started to turn and watch the TV when it’s on, so when I see him staring at “How do I Look” or “What Not to Wear” I force myself to turn off the tube! He’s only allowed to watch conference and Sports center :)

Well, there are a few new pictures in our fall 2007 album on webshots…some from our 2 year anniversary adventure and just some other random ones…Shaun and Preston in their sweater vests getting ready for church…and we put up a wedding album too. For some reason people have been asking to see them so here they are! Well, we love you all and pray you are doing well! Drop us a line once in awhile and Marzee, it’s nice to know that you enjoy this…sometimes I feel like I am writing out into “cyberspace!” We hope you and your family are doing great!!


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