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Today is a beautiful fall day here in Provo. I should be outside doing something fun…or at least have the shutters open to let in a little sunlight! Why does time seem to pass so quickly? I wish I could slow it down sometimes. Then again, other times I wish it went faster. We are so excited for Shaun to graduate…we’ve been waiting two years since we have been married, for him to graduate and now it is finally here and I realize all of the things that I haven’t done here and that I will actually miss some things about Utah! The canyon is just 10 minutes away, there are mountains in our backyard…so hiking is just down the street. There are so many amazing national parks so close…and I definitely haven’t seen all that I have wanted to! We were even camping outside Bryce Canyon this spring but didn’t go in because we were too cheap to pay the fee for just a drive through :) I had all of this at my fingertips yet I didn’t take advantage of it while I was here. Oh well, it’s not like we aren’t coming back to visit often and we are just moving on to more adventures!

Speaking of adventures…before we had Preston Shaun and I used to go on what we called “Sunday adventures” where we would just drive somewhere random that we had never been and we discovered lots of tiny Utah towns we never knew existed. We decided to take Preston and go on one last Saturday and we headed up Provo Canyon. We drove to Heber City and then took a back road to Midway. It was beautiful! While we were driving there was this hill Memorial Hillthat stuck out of nowhere, really. A road wound around the hill and ended at the top where there was a memorial. It was called Memorial Hill, very appropriate. Names of everyone from the area who had fought in a war were posted since…well, I don’t remember the first war they had posted, but it went back pretty far. It was kind of cool looking out over the valley on top of this hill with flags all around us and the names of hundreds of veterans in front of us, especially since Veteran’s Day is coming up this Sunday. We always try to find something cool on our “Adventures” and that was definitely a good find!Anyway, I just thought I would explain what some of the pictures were in our webshots gallery! Adventures are fun. I would recommend them :)

Well, I hope you are all livin’ it up and not wishing away time! I’ll try not to also! Have a great day!


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