Preston’s First Football Game!

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I just stuck Preston in his little bouncy seat and there are three toys that hang over him when he sits in it. Just a minute ago he finally was able to grasp the ring on the center toy so that while I was busy paying attention to the computer I heard “Old MacDonald” start playing in that high pitch baby toy sound. He has never done that! But then he wouldn’t let go so it is sitting here playing over and over…and sometimes playing the same note over and over because he keeps pulling it. The noise is getting a little old at this point, but I love when he figures out new tricks. I get excited over the smallest things!

dad's football gameI decided tonight to go and support my husband in his intramural football endeavors. Then I realized why I don’t go and do things like that very often anymore. I thought I was just getting boring, but here is a recap of the night. It is really cold so I bundle Preston up in his hat and sweatshirt, and a blanket and we hike to the farthest football field. I sit down with him and try to keep every inch of him covered except his face so he won’t freeze. Then he gets mad because he can’t move his arms. After that, he decides he is hungry and starts to scream just as the guys are saying a prayer to start the game. Trekking back to the car he continues to let out high pitch screams letting me know he hates being inside the blanket and that he doesn’t want to wait another minute for food. We get to the car and settle down to feed while I watch Shaun and his team, looking like ants from this distance, dominate the other team :) Half hour later, Preston is done eating and we bundle back up to walk out to the field once again. As we sit down I make sure none of his body parts are flailing in the cold and while I am concentrating on keeping my kid warm and happy the game ends and I realize that I haven’t watched a single minute. Hmmm…so why did I go again? Oh yeah, to watch my husband… did I actually see him play? No. Oh well, they won in the end and we now can say that Preston attended his first football game. Having a child is GREAT fun, but there are some things we just cannot enjoy the way we used to, like actually watching the football game. It is so worth it though!


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