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Something weird happened to me today. Shaun left for the BYU vs Utah football game with his good friend Michael Papworth. Though my husband was nowhere around I turned on the TV to the “mtn” (Our local Mountain West Conference station) and watched the entire game. What? I even found myself pounding my fist on the couch or saying “go, go, go!” In all of my life I never thought I would watch a football game by choice, let alone by myself. It was a weird feeling but I thought my husband would be proud. BYU came out with the win, which was pretty exciting because at the end there it didn’t look like it was going to happen. Go Cougars!

I hope your holiday was enjoyable, we had a lot of fun up in Kaysville. Preston didn’t enjoy his first Thanksgiving as much as we did though! We walked through the door and handed him off and immediately the bottom lip shot out, his face started to wrinkle, and he just started wailing! 100_0648It was so sad (but kind of cute at the same time!) I think it was a mixture of hungry, tired, and all the new faces. He is getting to the point where he knows mom and dad and new faces aren’t as welcoming as they once were. Oh well, he warmed up as the night went on. He got to meet his new best friend Will Papworth…it’s kind of like an arranged marriage, but a friendship…and arranged friendship? Anyway, that would be great if they actually did become best friends!My mom’s high school best friend has a daughter who is now my best friend so it’s definitely possible. Well, our kid is asleep so we better get in some quality husband, wife hang out time. Hope you all have a great weekend!


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