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apple hill 058I just need to give a shout out to my mom! Today is her birthday and I wish I were there in California to share it with her! She has been one of my best friends all of my life and has sacrificed so much for us kids. Just a few examples: she woke up just about every day that we were in school to make us lunches, even after we could drive ourselves and she didn’t need to wake up. She let me wake her up way after midnight many times to talk about whatever drama had happened in my life that night. She basically planned my entire California wedding reception and made it absolutely amazing! Last Christmas when I had some extreme morning sickness she dropped everything to come out and take care of me (and thanks to ALL who babysat me.)  Overall she has always done all that she could to make her kids happy. I could go on and on. She is awesome and I am so glad that she is still here with us, that her heart is healthy, and she can now enjoy watching her grandkids grow and learn! LOVE YOU MOM!!!


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