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When Shaun and I were first married I was always excited to cook for him before he came home from school and work. I would try out new recipes and it seemed like there were a variety of different dishes. Now I am scrounging to scrape together something before I have to pick him up and most of the time I can’t think of anything quick so I end up waiting until he gets home and by then he is starving and just snacks on Cheez-its or chips until dinner is ready…by then he usually isn’t that hungry! Also, I have slipped into this habit of cooking the same few dishes over and over again!! It’s getting old. My mom said when we are living with them I can cook dinner for everyone so there will be food in the house and we can all eat together…so there won’t be as much room for experimenting because more people are going to be eating what I cook and if any of you know my dad he is the master chef in our house so my dishes need to pass his approval. Pressure’s on. I was wondering if any of you had some quick meal ideas that taste good too. Shaun’s mom and mine have given some great ideas over the past couple years…chicken rolls, tortilla soup, cheesy goodness (if any of you are interested, I can get you some of my regulars) Let me know what some of your regulars are!

100_0790As for our family and what we are doing…I wasn’t going to dig the Christmas decorations out of the storage unit since we are moving right after the holiday, but it just wasn’t feeling like Christmas so I finally gave in and put everything up yesterday! It definitely feels more festive and it is fun pulling out all of our ornaments and remembering the ones from childhood and also seeing all of the ones that we have acquired since being married. They all have stories behind them so it is fun remembering each one as we put them on the tree. I am excited to start our Edwards family traditions with Preston…it’ll be a little bit more exciting once he actually knows what is going on though! I hope you all enjoy this holiday season!


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