Vaccinations, rashes, and growing up

1:49 am by Janelle. Filed under: News

We have one fussy baby tonight. Preston just received his first set of immunizations today and he has been pretty crabby. We were a little bit leery to get his shots after hearing a lot about autism and adverse effects so we did our research and finally came to the conclusion that the benefits outweigh the risks…but, poor guy! He’s a trooper! Yesterday he went to the doctor and he seems healthy and happy! He now weighs 14 lb 8 oz and is 26 inches tall. This kid is just growing like a weed…he’s growing up too fast!! I am sure to my parents it seemed like just yesterday that I was getting into my mom’s purse and putting lip stick all over my face or sulking because I thought kids would make fun the pig tails mom put in my hair and now I am raising kids of my own.

100_0809Well, here is a picture of Preston helping me with the laundry. We recently had to re-wash ALL of his clothes, blankets, sheets, and everything he really touches because I think he was having an allergic reaction to the detergent we were using. A horrible rash covered his back and was spreading to his stomach and limbs. These poor kids have such sensitive skin!

One last thing before I sign off…A big thank you to my fantastic husband who is at Macey’s Grocery store right now (it’s almost 1 am…and don’t ask why I’m up…I really don’t know!) scrounging up some boxes for our move. Thanks lover, you are wonderful!!


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