Hooray for sleep and school!

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Tonight is one of those rare nights that putting the baby to bed turned out to be a lovely experience. Most nights it ends up that I feed him until he falls asleep and then I put him down and he either stays asleep or he wakes up and I just let him cry for a little bit then he eventually falls asleep. That’s pretty hard to do, let the poor kid cry! You just want to rush in and scoop him up, but I know if I do that he will be awake until the wee hours and he won’t sleep well and that means I won’t either and we both need our sleep! So tonight he fell asleep while I was feeding him and then woke up before I even had a chance to get off the couch. He was happy as a clam and all smiley; that’s the hardest time to put him to bed, when he’s being cute! I decided to just set him down in the crib and see what would happen. He whimpered for a minute then started jabbering to himself and eventually fell asleep! No crying or screaming!! HOORAY!

Shaun had his very last class at BYU on Thursday, we tried to take one of those proud student pictures with his backpack on like you take in elementary school but our camera battery was dead so no pictures of that! Oh well. It seems so surreal. He is actually going to be done (for a little while!) He’ll soon be able to say that he has a degree from BYU! It’s really exciting! He is going to take his last final on Tuesday and he wants to dump out the contents of his backpack and burn it outside the testing center when he is done :) Anyway, I know he’ll do great…he’s a really good student although I know he doesn’t think so…he never gives himself enough credit!

It’s just about my bed time…I better hit the sack. I’m tired. I love you all and hope you have a great week!!


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