Going to California with an achin’ in my heart…

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First, let me start by saying how excited I am to be graduated from BYU. It is such a relief to have one milestone out of the way and to feel like we are making some progress in life. Secondly, we are very excited to be out in sunny California and so close to Janelle’s family. But…

We really are going to miss our friends and family in Utah. We will miss family dinners and Wii tournaments at the Edwards home. We will miss beating Taylor at Risk, Daniels long hair and brace-less smile; Mom’s cooking among other things; Dad’s expertise in every area of life; Christer’s computer skills and anti-Microsoft rants; Catherine period (she is the new favorite right), and watching Amy and Burgess enjoy their first year of marital bliss. We will miss everyone’s smiles and hugs, but we will see you again soon. Kerstin we always miss you because you moved as far away as you could go while staying in the US (are you trying to tell us something?)

Leaving BYU is bitter-sweet. I really am glad to have a degree under my belt and to start working, but I really grew to love BYU. I learned more than I ever could have imagined. I made so many friends I hope I can stay in contact with half of them, and most importantly… Utah is where Janelle and I found each other. It is where we dated and fell in love. It is where we have spent all of our married lives, and where Preston was born. We have so many wonderful memories from our years in Utah.

It would take a lot more than words to express how thankful I am that I went to Utah, that I said hello to Janelle in the hall of the LDS Business College, and that we decided to start our family when we did.

Oh, and one last note. Final grades just came in this morning and I finished my final semester with a 4.0 gpa (I never thought I would be able to get an A in statistics, but we prayed a lot). That brings my overall gpa to a 3.91. WOW! I hate feeling like I am bragging, but for those who didn’t know me in high school, trust me, even getting into college was an accomplishment for me. To have done so well in school is nothing short of a miracle.


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