A Beautiful Day!

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What am I doing inside on the computer? It is in the mid 60’s, the sun is out, birds are chirping…yeah ,I really don’t know what I am doing in here! Oh well. Preston is enjoying himself while sitting in his extreme exer-saucer toy and I am hesitant to go over and get him though I know I need to. I have watched him several times turn slightly red while a half grin spread across his face…his “I’m pooping” grin. I know what I am in for once I walk over there…plus the fact that he has been bouncing up and down in that thing after each push…he seems perfectly content though, jabbering and squeaking while sitting in his own filth. I’ll grab him in a minute.

Valentines day is coming up. Is anyone doing anything fun and exciting? We decided last week that we would go up to Portland for the weekend so we’ll spend Valentines Day in the airport…but we are going on a fun trip! I am excited to go up there…we haven’t been back since we were married! This should be a nice little vacation for us.

I get to teach the Laurels tomorrow and the lesson is on preparing to be an eternal companion. I remember being that age and feeling like marriage was so far away and that all this information was great but not applicable to me yet. I hope I can say something that will help them realize that marriage and a family are not as far away as they seem and that you don’t become a whole new person after you walk out of the temple holding hands. I don’t think I consciously thought that I would be different but I know in my head I pictured myself different as a married woman. So much more mature and grown up. But I was still messy and didn’t know much about bills and insurance, taxes or cooking. I am excited to teach tomorrow and hopefully they will get something from the lesson!

Poor Preston is probably rotting over there. I’m going to get him.


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