Happy Sabbath

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zebra+cakeToday was a great Sunday. Most Sunday’s are. You get to be uplifted at church, hang out with family, and just rest! How nice. We had dinner together tonight and it was fantastic. I just kept eating and eating AND THEN…Jami brought over this amazing cake! How cool is this? She was just trying out a mad hatter cake for her portfolio and just to see how they are made, and this is what was created! It looked awesome and tasted great too. Thanks Jami!

Currently we have been glued to our computer because Catherine Edwards (Christer’s wife and our favorite Edwards sister-in-law) is in LABOR!! Their little girl is going to come into the world at any point in the next few hours. How crazy!! There is a website (www.twitter.com) where you can send text messages in and it shows up on the screen so you can keep people updated on whatever is going on. So, every so often Christer will text what is going on to the site and we can check. How amazing is technology these days? I would have never thought up a website to do that, but now we…and anyone else who is interested…can know how far along Cat is and what is going on! Well, we love you Christer and Cat and can’t wait to see that little one!!

I hope you had a great Sunday and actually rested on this day of rest…Cat, you are excused from resting, just for today!


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