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Here is Preston clapping! It’s strange how pretty much all kids learn the same things in just about the same order most of the time. Very neat.




Goodnight Preston

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march2008 001Here is Preston just a few minutes ago before he went off to bed with dad…I am pretty busy watching American Idol :) I’m such a dork…for some reason I am into it this season.

Preston’s little teeth are coming in. One on the bottom has already poked through and the other bottom one is on it’s way, that’s probably why he is chewing on EVERYTHING. He tries to gnaw on my hand, arm…nose, whatever he can reach. It’s cute but it HURTS! He is also pulling himself up onto everything now and clapping! Seriously, March has been a milestone month! It seems like as soon as he masters one thing its on to another. Stop growing up!!! I remember telling my dad once that I wanted to stop growing up and just stay 7 forever. Obviously that didn’t happen. Oh well, I love my family and love being a wife and mother!



Feeling Green

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today we celebrated Ireland and all things Irish… not really. We tried to celebrate the day by having an all green meal and by wearing green clothing. It may seem pretty unexciting to you highly cultured individuals, but for us it was a fun day. This is a picture we took before our meal. Enjoy.
march2008 168

march2008 142
Oh, and here is another picture from this morning.



This Pic’s For You

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Since Christer is bringing trash-talk into the game, today’s pic-of-the-day is on HGH. First we have a video instead of a pic–yeah I did it.
march2008 140.movAnd second, we have a pic of me, just for Christer. My father-in-law and I pulled this stump out of the ground yesterday and this is our victory picture.
march2008 138



Give up yet, Christer?

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I can keep going with this as long as you want…
march2008 053
Janelle took Preston to Tricks Gymnastics last week! I know Preston is cute, but did anyone else notice how beautiful Janelle is? I did.



Pic of Today

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Janelle is putting Preston to bed so I thought I would save her some time and post a pic for her. We took this one just a few minutes ago so it as fresh as… something really, really, really fresh.




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Here is a picture of Preston standing up. He can now pull himself up onto almost anything. This is a really fun stage but at the same time it is hard because I can’t take my eye off of him if he is crawling around. Today I found him putting bark into his mouth and then charred wood from the fireplace. Who knows what he has found when I wasn’t looking…it scares me!
march2008 135



Family Nap Time

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march2008 108
My sister took this picture of us the other day when we all fell asleep together. Preston was out. Don’t you just love when they fall asleep on you? I do!



Dad fed me today…

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march2008 112Here is Preston eating rice cereal today. Dad fed him and decided he was big enough that he didn’t need a bib…hmmm



Who does he look like?

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Marzee had a great idea and so I decided to try it out. I have put together some pictures of Shaun and I from when we were babies and a few of Preston. Maybe we can figure out who he looks like!
slide show pictures 039
preston fredrick 003
slide show pictures 050
slide show pictures 061
1 january 2008 003
slide show pictures 002
february08 025

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