Just a little Random Post

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It has been awhile since I just wrote something for the sake of writing. Sometimes I find myself thinking about something and then I think…”hmm…I should blog about that.” Amid all of my stalker-like blog hopping I find myself thinking, “gee, all these people have such fun lives…what do I do all day?” Is that true for anyone else? Perhaps my life seems like a total party…trips to Oregon and Utah, the zoo, kite flying, bocce ball (which is a great game by the way…) etc. But that isn’t a very accurate portrayal of my life…though it’s definitely good, it isn’t a party ALL the time, only most of the time…kidding.

A quick question for all the moms…when is this “everything in the mouth” phase over with and did your kids choke on everything?! Preston is doing the usual exploring with his mouth thing but he keeps getting weird little nasties stuck in the back of his throat and then he’s gagging and can’t breathe…and it FREAKS me out. I feel like I am watching him all the time but apparently I’m not!! I go into lifeguard mode and sweep his mouth and then tip I’m and give him the back blows, then he throws up all over the place…I have no idea what I’m doing but he is still alive so something must be working. Has this been a habit in any other household?


Our Little Man

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We finally did it. We said farewell to the precious baby hair…as Shaun took the buzzers to his little head I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be ready to see it fall to the ground. I kept some to put in his baby book…but kept wanting to grab more and more and stuff it ALL in the little envelope. Finally, I gave it up and watched his little feathery hair drift to the ground. Now he has a little man hair cut, but I have had several people at the post office and grocery store comment on his adorable hair, so at least I know he’s still cute :) Aunt Kelsey helped us style it, so he is totally up with the times.

April 2008 028crop

Here is before…

April 2008 006crop

April 2008 010crop

And After!


Welcome home Erik

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We are now back from Utah and it was a really fun trip! Sorry to all of those who we weren’t able to visit! With all of the family festivities we didn’t have a lot of time and we wanted to spend as much time with family as we could. Not only did Preston get to spend time with his grandparents, but also with some of his great-grandparents! We are all pretty certain that Grandpa Morgan and Preston were good buddies before they came here. He LOVED being with him. One day he sat with grandpa for about 3 HOURS…just sitting, talking, making faces…he didn’t arch his back to get down or cry or anything! In church, I sat Preston on his lap and he didn’t make a peep all sacrament and he just shut his eyes and decided to snooze, no fighting, nothing. It was so sweet. People raved about how good he was in church…it was all Grandpa Morgan.
erik's homecoming 043
One of the main reasons we went for the visit was to welcome home Shaun’s brother Erik from his mission to France. It was neat to be able to greet him and spend some time with him. Here he is with Preston right after coming down the escalator at the airport.
erik's homecoming 021
Our wedding was the last time the family had family pictures taken, and since then there have been 3 additions. Preston, Addison, and Burgess. So we went to have family pictures taken while out there. I think there will be some cute ones…the photographer also took some of individual families so I am excited to see what she got…here is a little taste, though I am sure hers will be a little better with the wonderfully deceiving Photo Shop Technology :)
erik's homecoming 029
What it all comes down to is this: we had a great time and the week went by REALLY fast…AND I ate so much that I am sure people thought I had a hollow leg or something.
It’s good to be back and get back into a routine. Shaun and I just started putting Preston to bed at 7. Why didn’t we do this sooner?! Seriously. He used to go to sleep at 9 and Shaun and I were out not long after. This is lovely to have some time to ourselves! I love it…I mean I love my kiddo, but I love my alone time too. Speaking of alone time…I am going to go enjoy it…..


Monday Morning Post

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It has been a little while since I posted a few pictures of Preston. Luckily many of Shaun’s family will actually get to see him (and us) this week! Shaun’s brother Erik returns from his mission to France this week and we are going out to Utah to spend some time with everyone. This will be fun since Erik has never met Preston or his niece, Addison. How crazy, you are gone for 2 years and there are all these new additions to the fam! Oh well, all of them are great additions!

april 2008 013

Preston found our DVD rack and pulled the entire DVD rack down and had the time of his life playing with the massive pile of DVDs.

april 2008 039

Playing “SO BIG”

april 2008 019

His latest cheesy smile…whenever someone looks at him he does this little number.

A few more tid-bits…Congrats to my sister Kelsey who got engaged last night…Hooray! Preston now has tooth #2 poking through, and my radishes are starting to poke through as well! I actually can grow something, what a relief!! Have a great one!


Of Holes and Tumors

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So, for those of you who are not Edwards and actually read this– I imagine that is a pretty small audience– KERSTIN DOESN’T HAVE ANY TUMORS! For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, my sister, Kerstin, was told she had some tumors in her bones (hip and femur), but today she saw a specialist who told her that she has no tumors, but has holes in her bones.

The holes in the bones thing is pretty rare (I guess is has no name at this point), but the surgery is less intense. Instead of a hip replacement and metal rod in her femur she will just (if you can say “just” in this case)┬áhave the holes filled.

Anyway, I was so happy to find out that she didn’t have cancer that I wanted to tell someone. And since I am stuck in my little cubicle by the copy machine I came online to make my announcement.

I love you, Sis!



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I just received an e-mail from Webshots that I just assumed they sent out to all of their users as a mass e-mail. They wrote that they take out any pictures that may be offensive to anyone including pornography and any nudity. I thought to myself, “well, good, who would actually post that stuff anyway?” Then at the end of the e-mail it said, “We have removed the following from your account.” What?? I’m not a creep…what could I have had that was inappropriate? I guess they removed the video of Preston in the bath…OOPS! I didn’t realize that would be offensive to anyone, AND I didn’t even think of the fact that it would be Preston, naked, on the internet! So, I guess it’s good to know that they are monitoring the content on their site…I’ll remember that next time I document bath time!