Monday Morning Post

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It has been a little while since I posted a few pictures of Preston. Luckily many of Shaun’s family will actually get to see him (and us) this week! Shaun’s brother Erik returns from his mission to France this week and we are going out to Utah to spend some time with everyone. This will be fun since Erik has never met Preston or his niece, Addison. How crazy, you are gone for 2 years and there are all these new additions to the fam! Oh well, all of them are great additions!

april 2008 013

Preston found our DVD rack and pulled the entire DVD rack down and had the time of his life playing with the massive pile of DVDs.

april 2008 039

Playing “SO BIG”

april 2008 019

His latest cheesy smile…whenever someone looks at him he does this little number.

A few more tid-bits…Congrats to my sister Kelsey who got engaged last night…Hooray! Preston now has tooth #2 poking through, and my radishes are starting to poke through as well! I actually can grow something, what a relief!! Have a great one!


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