The Fruits (and vegetables) of my Labor

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Something I have always wanted to do is plant a garden. As we are staying at my parents home still, I now have more than a slab of cement for a back yard! I decided to plant a garden this year and it is amazing how things really do grow! There were a few plants we got from the store that were already started and others that I planted as seeds. I was sure that the seeds wouldn’t sprout, but sure enough I have a zillion cilantro, radish, and basil plants. I probably should thin them out… We also planted 13 tomato plants…what were we thinking? Who eats that many tomatoes? Maybe dad will have to make his world famous (or at least ward famous…family famous…friend famous..etc) salsa. A lot of it.

I am sure you are all really interested in seeing all my vegetables and herbs so I guess I’ll show them off :)

garden2008 012

My Cilantro

garden2008 013


garden2008 015

Radishes…need to be thinned.

garden2008 016

My biggest corn stalk…

garden2008 018


garden2008 006edited

And my favorite men watching me water the plants.

Preston comes out in the backpack every morning to help me water the plants…though all he really does is pull my hair, whack my head, and scratch my ears…we get in some real quality time :)


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