Cabs and Trains

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The only time I really have a routine is in the morning. After about 9:00 whatever comes up is what I do, but my early mornings are pretty predictable. I wake up every day to eat breakfast…well, nowadays it’s to get Preston, but I love to eat breakfast! So I get up, grab Preston, and go downstairs to fix myself a bowl of cereal and then I turn on my new favorite show. Cash Cab. I seriously LOVE it…and I want to go to New York just to ride in cabs and find Ben Bailey. I think I love it because he pulls up as a regular cab driver and after the people get in he turns on these crazy lights and says, “You’re in the Cash Cab. It’s a TV game show that takes place right here in my taxi!” Then these people who get in distracted by life, barely paying attention to the cab driver are all the sudden excited and by the end of the ride most of them are laughing and high fiving. PLUS most of them (if they don’t get three strikes and kicked out) win money instead of paying the cab fare they were expecting…who doesn’t like winning a little cash? Anyway, I love it.

Aside from Cash Cab, Preston and I do get out and do other things sometimes. Yesterday we went to the Folsom City Hall where Shaun works. Right next to it is the zoo, library, and this cute miniature train. I have been meaning to go and take Preston on the train…not like he is really old enough to realize what is going on…but yesterday he got to ride on it! Here is Preston riding the train. It’s not the most exciting video…he didn’t really know what to think, but its cute.

train folsom.mov


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