Allergies and Bad Doctors

9:31 am by Janelle. Filed under: News

I don’t know how parents manage. Preston has been here with us almost 10 months and I get SO worried and stressed about the smallest ailments! He started coughing a week or so ago and it got to the point where he would cough so hard he would throw up! So I took him in to the doctor and we have a wretched doctor by the way…I walk into his office and its a sickly pale pink and covered in bears.  That alone makes me ill. This is the third time I have gone in there and I think altogether I have seen him for 4 minutes, tops.  This time he comes into the room and I say, “hi! How are you?” No answer. Okay… then I say, “he has been coughing and gagging a lot and has a runny nose; it may be allergies but I don’t know.” The doctor says, “I’m sorry, what did you say?” I repeat myself. He comes over looks in Preston’s ears and mouth then listens to his heart and lungs. And here is his response, “Well, it is probably allergies because it doesn’t look like he has a cold. You can just keep him inside because you can’t do much else at this age. Ok? Goodbye.” And he walks out…doesn’t ask if I have any questions, nothing. He was in there for about 90 seconds. I want to cry every time I leave that place. I could have saved my time and my breath by assuming it was allergies…and I am sure I could find better advice from a Google search than from my doctor. What a sad world we live in. We are working on finding a new doctor, but Preston is on Medi-cal so you usually get the bottom of the barrel, again, sad world. If anyone has any suggestions of great pediatricians in the area let us know! Maybe we’ll just pay out of pocket or something. Just thought I would vent a little about my horrible Doctor and our twisted government health care.


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