Happy Belated 4th

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The last post, though not many words were written, was an exciting post and I haven’t had much going on to top it. However, I am being bugged to post something since it has been awhile. Don’t you secretly get annoyed when you are bored and looking through your family and friends’ blogs and they haven’t posted anything in ages? Oh, I don’t either…

Well, happy 4th of July to you all! I hope it was a great one! I felt kind of bad watching plumes of smoke billow into the air while lighting fireworks since the air here in California is already smoke-filled because the state is burning up! Oh well, it isn’t independence day without burning something. We kind of drug out our celebration over a few days. Thursday our little fam headed up to Grass Valley to hike the Independence Trail (how appropriate.) We got out the 1982 baby backpack and headed out. Except for the smoky air up there, it was beautiful! Usually there are newts in the creek, but I think it may have been too hot because we couldn’t find any :( Oh well, maybe next year. Preston also got to see great grandma and grandpa Wilson and Aunt Kelley who live in Colfax. Fun day, lots of driving!

Friday we had a family BBQ and enjoyed watching the neighbors light off fireworks. It’s a lot nicer watching someone else burn their money :) ok, ok, we did contribute a few ground flowers and sparklers to the show…Preston liked watching the fireworks but didn’t like the noises! He was like a baby monkey clinging on for dear life. Poor kid.

Then on Saturday was the annual Strazzo family BBQ. So we got to celebrate all weekend long. Here are some pictures of our weekend. Enjoy.

4th of July 005color

Hiking buddies.

4th of July 018

Hiking in the old mining flumes

4th of July 080

Trying to get all the kiddos in a line. Didn’t work.

Jackson, Preston, Emerson, Jamison, and Preston.

4th of July 082

Preston’s scared firework face.

4th of July 087

Jackson playing with fire :)

4th of July 104

Digging his claws into dad.

4th of July 118

Swimming in Uncle Mike’s chilly pool!


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