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Every year for 2 weeks during the summer my dad’s side of the family rents a cabin in Tahoe. Shaun and I decided to go up for the day and hang out yesterday and even with the smoky air, it was still beautiful!! The water is so amazingly clear and it was actually not as icy as I thought it might be. I was expecting a Bear Grylls experience…like when he jumps into a hole in the ice (usually naked) and then gets the heck out and starts doing jumping jacks and sprints to a fire…but it was actually really nice! I swam out with my cousins to this massive floating donut that my aunt brought up. We had fun and got burnt, i missed a small spot under Preston’s eye when applying sunscreen and he looks so pathetic today! We thought he had the beginnings of a black eye, but it turns out I just missed a small strip under his eye. I’ll do better next time! What is a post without pictures? So here they are!


Preston hangin’ on the beach with his pops


Playing with Camille


Don’t we look lovely…


One of my stinking adorable cousins, Carter


Playing on the huge floaty


Wearing Grandpa’s work hat


Preston chillin’ at the end of the day, showing off his goofy little teeth!!


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