Happy Birthday Pop

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First of all…SHOUT OUT to my dad who turns 54 years old today!! No one can tell by looking at him and listening to what he likes to do, that he is that many years old! We love you dad and can’t wait to eat some Tillamook ice cream with your homemade hot fudge tonight…not for selfish purposes…for your birthday, of course…

Also, last year on my dad’s birthday do you know what he spent it doing? Driving across Nevada!! My parents had just driven back to California from bringing my little brother, Tyler, to the MTC in Provo on the 25th of July…Then the 29th I called them and announced, “I think I am in Labor?” So the birthday boy left his celebration to drive 10 hours and they both got to the hospital just before Preston was born at 3:12am …This all means that TOMORROW, my boy turns 1 year old! WOW, we can’t believe he is one…when people say that times flies, they aren’t kidding. It feels like forever, but then it fells like yesterday that he was just a wee tiny baby. How weird. Here are some pictures from his pre-birthday celebration with Shaun’s family!

July2008 050

Everyone with their party hats on!

July2008 051

Blowing out his first candle…he didn’t really get the blowing part.

July2008 054

First taste of frosting and Funfetti cake!

July2008 061

Playing with grandma…he’s totally an athlete…I mean, check out that muscular back… :)

We had fun visiting with Shaun’s family! We went out to Utah for a Wilson family reunion (my mom’s side) at Aspen Grove, and were able to see the Edwards’ too! Aspen Grove is seriously SO beautiful. That is one of the things I miss about Utah, the amazing mountains and having places like Aspen Grove and Sundance only a few minutes away! There was a lot to do up there, though I found myself enjoying the food and napping quite a bit…how lazy am I? Oh well, Preston got really good at walking because there was so much space for him to just run around. Here are a few pictures (many of our pictures were ruined because of our memory card getting damaged :( sad. so there aren’t a whole lot of the vacation!)

July2008 063

Preston doing what he does best. Spitting.

July2008 014

Playing with Dad in the bottom of a big ship

July2008 020

He loves pointing.

Sorry there aren’t more pictures of all the fun things we did, there are however, a few in “Our Photos” that aren’t up on here…for family, who might be a little more interested than your average blog-hopper.


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