Birthday “Parlity”

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Yesterday we had a little family party for my dad and for Preston. This time around Preston got a little bit more adventurous and took a few bites of cupcake without coaxing…but he still wasn’t sold on them. I guess that’s a good thing.

The other day he was playing with a plastic pitcher and he fell right on the edge of it with his nose! It hit the bottom of the pitcher then slid all the way to his eyebrows, bruising it all the way up. So he has had a bruised and swollen nose for a few days…right when we were going to take 1-year-old photos…perfect. I am just glad there were no bloody lips or anything like that. So if you are wondering why it may look like he always has food on his face, he probably does :) but it may look worse with the bashed up beak!


Playing with daddy in his new Radio Flyer party wagon with seat belts, cup holders and all


getting ready to blow out a candle


grandpa blowing out his candles


my artistic attempt of the night.


no hands


He made this face with every present. He looked so surprised and excited every time.


sitting with Jackson, great grandma and grandpa Strazzo.


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