Basil, wagons, and bubbles

8:49 pm by Janelle. Filed under: News

One of the many reasons I love having a garden: I just walked outside and picked basil this morning then whipped up a jar of pesto. Amazing.


Though my garden is no longer aesthetically pleasing to the eye (weeds are vicious) it is still producing.

Below are just a few pictures of yesterday. That morning I watched Jackson and took him and Preston around the block in the wagon. Nearing home I decided to tell them I was going to go fast, so I continued to up my tempo to a jog. Jackson seemed to enjoy it and kept insisting, “Again! Fast!” In the end I ran around the block 4 times in my flip flops lugging the wagon. Check “daily workout” off my list.

That night Jackson wanted to come over and ride int he wagon again, so this time Tim took over the task of wagon puller.



And then here we are playing with bubbles…I love bubbles.


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