Uneventful Life

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What to write about today…It has been yet another uneventful week. Preston has learned how to fold his arms and to say “doe, doe, doe” (meaning, “go, go,go!”) when he goes running with me in the jogging stroller…I was trying to get him to cheer me on while I was huffing and puffing along the other day. Why is it so much easier to get OUT of shape than it is to get INTO shape?

He loves this wagon he got from his Grandma. It was filled with Lego-type blocks, but he decided to fill it with something else…himself. He loves being dragged all over the house in it.


Showing off his goofy grin!


Making Shaun pose for me…

We decided that we should take a picture of Preston doing every sport when he is young so that one day when he is playing something professionally or in the Olympics we can give the pictures to someone for a commercial or something :) So we took him out to a baseball diamond…but he was playing with a basketball…oh well.


Loving the baseball diamond


hanging out on the bleachers with mom.


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