Uncle-Cousin Keith

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Some of you may have already seen Keith’s post about coming to visit; however, I have to fill space on this blog and meet the growing demand for new posts that all of my adoring readers crave so I am posting about it too.

First, Keith did stay an extra day and visit with us this past weekend and we really enjoyed spending time with him. I can’t say that we did anything super exciting and we worried that he was bored silly spending time with two kids and their baby, but it was nice to relax and chit-chat.

While Keith was in town he was given a new moniker to fill the role of my cousin and Preston’s uncle. Since I get lost trying to figure out cousins past the first round (especially if you add in the “removed” jargon) I decided that Preston can refer to Keith as “Uncle-Cousin Keith.” When we were younger Keith felt more like a big brother to me (No, Christer. Not the big brother I never had, just a big brother) and so I feel like Preston should call him uncle Keith. Since Keith didn’t seem to feel like that would be appropriate (?) I settled on the new title. Forthwith all Morgan cousins shall be know as uncle-cousin or aunt-cousin to my children. You hear that Aunt-Cousins Sally and Jenn?

Also, Keith mentioned that I had a childhood fear of magicians. This is unequivocally not true. I have no fear of  magicians nor magical beings–except this one; however, I have a fear of my son ending up like this! That is why we will not be calling my son “Presto.”

And since Keith didn’t get any pictures…


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