Folsom Love

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I’ve been trying to scout out different picture spots around town, so yesterday Preston and I headed out to Sutter Street in Old Folsom (one of my all-time favorite places to be.) The woman who is kind of mentoring me from my ward (Spice Rack Productions) shoots a lot down there and it is amazing to see that though the street is so busy sometimes, you can make two people look completely secluded. I wasn’t really planning on taking any pictures of anyone, but of course since Preston was there I had to snap a few of him. I couldn’t get many cute faces, but oh well…that’s pretty much how it goes all the time with him.

What else is going on in our lives, you may wonder…or you may not…anyhow, I wish I could go on about all the fun and exciting things we are doing but the truth is…it’s been a lot of work and no play (at least for Shaun.) So there isn’t much to report on. I’ve had some major success at garage saleing (I don’t think “Saleing” is a word…) Preston is saying more and more words all the time. He started singing “A E D O…” like he knows the alphabet, it’s cute. He is just growing up, my little man. I wish he would stay one forever!





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