I’m a dirtball…

1:42 pm by Janelle. Filed under: News

In our neighborhoods out here (I’m sure other places do it too…they didn’t do this when I lived in Utah…) several times a year we have the chance to make a huge pile of junk on the sidewalk for a big truck to come and haul away for us. People put yard trimmings, furniture, appliances, and tons of nasty junk. Well, you can’t help but look at what people are getting rid of while driving by. I spotted a pile that had some old dining room chairs in it and that night mom assisted me in the retrieval…I know, it may seem kind of disgusting to dig through someones trash, but whatever. I got a free chair and a craft project…that turned out fairly cute, I think. So, think what you will of me.

Here is the transformation…


Finished product…


The main reason I wanted to find a cute chair was for a prop. I think it’ll work nicely.



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