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We have a new nephew! His name is Nolan Croft Strazzo. my sister-in-law, Jami, had the baby on October 3. Everything went smoothly and they are now home and adjusting to life with 2 kids! He is such a cute little guy, and so tiny compared to Preston and Jackson! It is hard to remember Preston being that tiny…and he was actually smaller than that! I’m so glad they come tiny…for several reasons!



Farewell Mustache

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We all bid the mustache a fond farewell. I know it was a bittersweet event for Shaun. Although, for me I would say it was more sweet. He is now in another office doing training for State Farm and Tuesday was his first day there. He was wondering why people weren’t all that friendly and gave him weird stares when he met them until he remembered he had the ‘stache. Come on, who was going to take him seriously? Later that day he revisited the old office he had been working at for the past month and the first thing they all said when he walked in was, “Are you kidding? Shave that thing off. That’s disgusting!” Needless to say, he agreed and shaved it off that day. So, that’s the story of the mustache.




Blog On!

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Soooooo…I decided to make a photo blog…not because I think I take amazing pictures or anything, but because I don’t really want my blog about my family turning into just pictures of other random people. So if anyone is interested, feel free to look and critique…I should have more pictures up throughout the month. I am randomly getting people to practice on all over the place. Maybe it’s because I’m free, and who doesn’t like free stuff? Anything is cuter or tastes better when it’s free.

Here are a few pictures, since these people aren’t just random people…these are people we LOVE!




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