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Preston and I went to this nursery (High Hand Nursery in Loomis, CA…off Taylor Road) to take pictures of my friend’s little girl, and a few of Preston, and some random fish and other cool things…FYI, if you live in this area, go! Even if you aren’t planning on buying anything, it’s BEAUTIFUL! I felt like I sneaked into the secret garden or something (“oh ale-goya, please come to me…” hahaha-kels…) There was soft music playing, a pond, fountains all over, adorable benches, a really cute cafe in a greenhouse…I could have stayed there all day. I almost bought one of those mushrooms…mostly because I felt bad i had gone in to use their business solely for a good picture and that was probably one of the only things I could afford…but then I decided they looked way better altogether. One just wouldn’t be as cute. Anyway, this is starting to be a pretty pointless post, just thought I would write something because I really loved this place.


AND…YAY FOR PROP 8! All the hard work paid off. The war definitely isn’t over but I know the Lord helped us to win that battle. Thanks to all who got out to vote and who put in time and effort to get this passed!!


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