Thanksgiving Treat

9:41 am by Janelle. Filed under: News


I brought these to church yesterday for my laurels and it was a hit…everyone was stopping me in the halls to look at them (and the primary kids MAULED me after church…seruiously.) I thought it was a fun, and REALLY easy thing to do for Thanksgiving if you have a bunch of kids coming over…or even fun for just your family to make. I got it out of a parenting magazine, so it wasn’t my idea…but they turned out cuter than I thought! You use half an Oreo for the bottom, put a glob of frosting on the bottom of another whole Oreo then stick that on the half. Use a malt ball for the head, jam some candy corns into the Oreo frosting and then break off the tip of a candy corn and frost-glue it onto the malt ball for a beak. Ta-da! I used the holiday oreos and then Christmas and normal colored candy corns. Fun, cheap, easy.


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