Happy Thanksgiving!

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What better way to start out Thanksgiving than to work off the feast before you eat it? Some would disagree…but we had fun! Kelsey and I ran a 10K yesterday morning, the Folsom Turkey Trot. We were kind of unsure if we could do the full 6.2 miles, we hadn’t been that great at training…but somehow we pulled it off! We were pretty proud :)

Here we are before starting.


Kelsey finishing…


And in this picture below…I had been running for an hour and finally spotted my husband near the finish line. Shaun was the designated camera man to document our arrival. Kelsey was a few feet ahead of me and so I see him take pictures of her…then he keeps following her….and he just keeps panning…as I run right by him. This was my reaction as he forgot about me…and pretty much the only picture of me running…we thought it would at least be a good story to tell.


He tried to tell me to go back and run so it looked like we got a decent picture…but it looks really realistic since I am not even running through the finish line :)


And, below are just some videos of Preston. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a working video camera!




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