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I have been BUSY! I keep meaning to post something…but life before Christmas is pretty hectic! And it turns out this time of year is also super busy for picture taking…all those Christmas cards! I have had a lot of practice in the last month. For a long time I have wanted to take up photography…for more than just a hobby. I took classes in high school and college, but nothing ever came of it. I just liked taking pictures. The last few months I talked about it and practiced on Preston…a TON…poor kid. Somehow, people heard and then one after another I was taking pictures of other families. I have no idea how it all really started but last Saturday I took the first pictures of a family I had never met…for a moment I felt like a real photographer :) It’s amazing all that I have to learn…almost overwhelming (okay, it isn’t almost overwhelming…it IS overwhelming.) So, that’s what I have been up to…that’s why I am neglecting our sad blog…but feel free to take a little look at my hobby turned teensy business.


Oh and the name of this blog…very random…but here’s an explanation, sort of. It was late, I was finishing setting this thing up and the blog needed a name. Something creative. So I thought I’d put “snapshots” in there somewhere…but snapshots of what? I always call Preston a weasel…because he has a way of weaseling into everything and onto everything…and he’s just a weasel! Then I thought Pop goes the weasel…then Snap Goes the Weasel! Then I thought, “kind of weird. I’ll change it later.” I never did, but I kind of like it now. So there you have a peak into my crazy mind!

And a few pictures from the month so far:

A Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome mom! We love you and are SOOOO grateful for all you do…especially letting us bum a place to live for a little while :) You’re wonderful!!!

(and I am pretty sure a big glop of drool just fell onto the cake…there were a few mysterious shiny spots.)


Preston and Jackson, below, being the crazies they are.


Sitting with Frosty at gymnastics, slightly traumatized.



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